Filipino Laundry Habits

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In our today’s generation a lot of people didn’t know how to manage their time especially to Filipinos who give most of their time in work. One of many reasons why Filipino are being stress about time management is because of household chore which people thinks that there is no solution than to hire a maid. But now there 's many ways on how they can make it easier. Traditional Filipino way of doing laundry is washing clothes by hand a plucking wood which can damage clothes. As time passes by people keep on inventing and improving equipment for them to be satisfy of what they really want. Laundry shops. People nowadays almost always pay for a laundry. Be it through laundry shops at the corner of the streets or having a house helper. Others hire a “lavender” and pay them on a daily basis to do their laundry. Most of us do not want to do our own laundry. But the reality is, clothing is a basic need, so we all need to face this situation and solve our laundry problems, and we encounter this at least once a week. Since clothing is a basic need, then laundry is Laundry is a major household chore People don’t have the time. Since people divulge too many time for work, either in office or in business, they do not have much time to do their laundry. When they got home early (which happens rarely), they just want to take a rest rather than to wash clothes. In busy cities, traffic is just crazy! Their time is just wasted in the street trying to come home early. People working in the
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