Being A Filipino Essay

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These are just the commonly known values and traits identified as to characterized as a Filipino. Other individualities are being identified by interacting with people. Individuals usually share through the mouth or online their experiences and identify other traits. Some traits identified nowadays based on internet pages like (Vaflor 2014 ( and Janester 2015 ( and self-observation. Some are the being onion-skinned (balat sibuyas) where someone is being so sensitive, disregarding of rules where someone is being bossy and not thinking that it will be punished, gossiping which is very known as almost everybody is spreading things about others not even asking the truth from the person involved, bravery like willing to take risk, thriftiness or spending too much from one’s need, and many others. The Filipinos usually brings their traits in their company or organization. These values and traits often influence the individual’s behaviour in handling tasks and…show more content…
The behaviour of an individual in an organization always have effects to each other and even with the performance in the team and even the whole company’s output. Every person can possessed some of these characteristics, good and/or bad. Having and dealing with people with these values and traits though not the same as to others is really difficult but manager should know how to handle it well to come up with positive and exceptional output. Someone’s behaviour for example portray the crab mentality, persons below your position may be influenced and it may affect their performance. On the other hand, if the superior shows good characteristics, like being respectful, then the subordinates will treat it as an inspiration and it may give a good vibes in the workplace. Having a positive environment will provide a great impact in the outcomes of tasks a person can
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