Filipino Self Awareness

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Filipino is a product of history and history shapes the character of a nation. The rich heritage of the Filipinos demonstrates the value and virtues. Traditionally the Filipino society consider males as strong, steadfast, responsible and have a rational thinking while females are shy, caring, obedient and affectionate. According to Dr. Lapuz, Filipino psychiatrist that females are then referred to being Maria Clara or the typical Filipina who is shy... Thus the women has been referred to have the feminine traits ways of behaving associated to being a girl or a woman and men to have masculine traits ways of behaving associated with being a boy or a man.
The researchers have observed that some students cannot express their own thoughts, opinions and feelings especially in class. These students tend to just
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If a student is assertive it will promotes self-confidence, students can make better decisions for themselves. It maximizes your sense of control of their life and their emotions as they learn to appropriately express their concerns instead of bottling up those concerns.
This study will also help student’s awareness before they can make changes in themselves they have to know what there is to work with. Becoming self-aware is about the process of understanding oneself.
This can help student leaders, especially if you tend to take on too many responsibilities because you have a hard time saying nonassertive communication is direct and respectful. Being assertive gives you the best chance of successfully delivering your message.

Guidance Counselor- This will help them create an activity or training about assertiveness for students.

Teachers- This will aid them in creating activities promoting assertiveness among students. Through these activities students will develop assertiveness through proper communication and
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