Filipino Workers Advantages And Disadvantages

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Working as an overseas Filipino worker is not as easy as other people think or seem. These people working abroad had faced a lot of sacrifices just to provide a better future for themselves and for the families that they have left behind. Working abroad has its benefits and can be satisfying but it is also concerned with other issues that may have short term or long term consequences and worries along the way. One thing an overseas Filipino worker can gain is a steadier income and more employment benefits. Citizens of the Philippines go abroad because what they earn in a year in the Philippines can be earned for a shorter period of time when working overseas. This is because other countries have a higher value of currency compared to the…show more content…
This is their opportunity to discover new places as they get familiar with their new environment, meet new faces that will help them become more comfortable so that they won’t feel alone and excluded, and learn their culture, traditions and ways of life. Having an overseas working experience can also give them a preparation to develop more skills that are required in a global perspective. Despite these advantages, there are also some disadvantages that Filipino workers abroad experience. One of these disadvantages is homesickness. It must be hard for a person to decide to work abroad and leave his or her loved ones behind. The effect of this decision may be very negative to the worker and his or her family. Some relationships even get destroyed and this can bring a negative impact especially to the couples with kids. Some families lack communication due to the different time zone and busy schedules but when they have time to talk to one other, they make the most of it. Homesickness can bring a lot of stress that can easily result to depression and loneliness. Overseas Filipino workers are usually depressed when they barely know anyone in the place they live in. Most of their friends are also Filipinos because they feel that they are the closest to having a family and they would understand each other’s

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