Filipino Workers In The Philippines

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Overseas Filipino Workers simply pertain to those Filipino workers who chose to go to Foreign countries to seek money. Assumptions says that Filipino workers started going out of the country during the time of Marcos yet it actually started even before Martial Law. According to DOLE (Medina & Pulumbarit 2012) the migration of Filipino labourers had begun much earlier, as early as the 1900s when Filipino agricultural workers were recruited to Hawaii to fill the temporary labour needs in the agriculture sector. Years later Filipino workers begun working on hotels, hospitals, restaurants, construction sites and others. However, according to DOLE it was during the 1960’s that the active and systematic migration of Filipino workers to foreign land officially started. Because of this rising number of Filipino works the Philippine Government issued the labor code 1974 covering the Filipino workers. Strengthened by this code more Filipino workers were encouraged to go to foreign countries and be an OFW with a hope to have higher salary and better future for their family. As of today having one or both OFW parent seems to be a norm in the Philippine society. It is far more normal in every school to have these special orientations and programs for OFW children. Their orientations contains lectures explaining the reasons why did their parents chose to work on foreign land. The common reasons they say are first because of the opportunity offered by the foreign lands, because of the

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