A Miracle For Breakfast Poem Summary

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Hindering Self-development Through Tone Shifts And Characterization
Filling Station and A Miracle for Breakfast by Elizabeth Bishop. In Filling Station, the author is quick to judge the station and the men, which eventually leads to her realizing there is much more than despondency, filth, and carelessness. In Miracle for Breakfast, she hopes of receiving crumbs from a rich man’s breakfast. Bishop uses similar tone shifts, and characterization to show how less fortunate people realize and appreciate miracles more than those who are very fortunate but do not appreciate them.
The first comparison between the poems is the use tone shift. By the end of Filling station, the author’s tone has changed from disgust to lucid. She sees the place as
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In A Miracle for Breakfast, it is written in the perspective of an indigent person who hopes for the greater good of those who prosper to give the poor more than a crumb, “At six o 'clock we were waiting for coffee, waiting for coffee and the charitable crumb”. In Filling Station, It is written in the perspective of a person who is more affluent,“Father wears a dirty, oil-soaked monkey…show more content…
During the great depression (time era of poem), a lot of people were deprived of food and those who would prosper were lucky enough to be living without suffering. In A Miracle for Breakfast, the author is successfully able to show how fortunate people with money were compared to those who do not have any money. And those who did not have money were not appreciative of it but took it for granted (perspective of an indigent person). In Filling station, the author shows how someone who is more affluent than the employees at the station isn’t appreciative in the beginning, but becomes appreciative at the end acknowledging their work ethic. So eventually, the sun will eventually shine on the right
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