Film: A Serious Man By Larry Gopnik

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In the movie A Serious Man, we are introduced to the main character Larry Gopnik. Larry Gopnik is a husband, father and physics professor. He is a man who hardly knows what is going on around him and overall submissive when it comes to situations that affects him and his family. These characteristics are what differentiate between Job and Larry. In the book of Job, God and Satan come to an agreement or more of a bet that the reason Job is so devoted is because "God has given him [Job] everything he could ever want." With that, both God and Satan come to a consensus that Satan would ruin Job 's life to see if he would still remain holy and keep faith. After facing all the trials and tribulations that Satan has brought to Job, Job does what he…show more content…
It is ironic to me that when Larry finally decides to not be passive he is still punished. My interpretation of it is because he did accept the bribe and it was the unholy thing to do, God is punishing him more vigorously than usual. God returning to speak with Job is relatively similar to tornado at the end of A Serious Man because the tornado is most likely a representation of God. Though it may seem similar here, the reason for God 's return is for different reasons. In the book of Job, God 's reason for return was to set Job straight for questioning God. In the movie, God seems to return to punish Larry once more for taking a bribe from a student. In regards to the symbolic meaning of the Yiddish prologue, I do believe they are the ancestors of Larry who caused for Larry to have such bad luck in life. The wife mentioned that "God has cursed us" and she takes the initiative to stab Groshkover with an ice pick which possibly provoked the curse more. In essence, though Gopnik and Job share similarities, Job had more clarity with God as opposed to Gopnik who seems to be presented with further
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