Film 'Abre Los Ojos': Film Analysis

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In the film, “Abre los Ojos (1997),” César often claims that there is “no explanation” (Amenábar) for what has happened to him. Even though he may not believe it, César’s life is psychologically determined. He is extremely confident because he grew up wealthy and handsome, and always had everything handed to him. When César’s entire life flips after a car accident, he does not know how to deal with it because he is not used to losing to his best friend, Pelayo, and feeling unwanted. César is often questioned what happiness is to him. But after he loses his good looks, it is evident that César believes that happiness is being rich and admired by everyone. After reviewing the types of determinism that argue free will, one will be able to understand why César’s life is determined psychologically and not by any other form of determinism or free will. One of the main arguments against free will is psychological determinism. This form of…show more content…
This form of determinism contends that one’s decision was a result of past events. This means that everything that has happened in one’s life led up to “the occurrence of the event in question” (Causal Determinism pg.551). Every choice and happening is connected to one another and they all led the person to a particular point in their life. Causal determinism claims that a person’s life is set up for them, so “any event that happens had to happen” (Causal Determinism pg.551). For example, one had to lose their job as a secretary to realize that they have a passion for culinary arts. Causal determinism maintains that everything happens for a reason, no matter what a person chooses to do or not to do—it is all part of the plan. But researchers are experimenting with quantum mechanics to rule out causal determinism. If quantum mechanics proves that a person is able to erase their history and have no past events to determine their next decision, causal determinism can be
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