Film Analysis: 50 First Dates And Anterograde Amnesia

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50 First Dates and Anterograde Amnesia Holly Andersen July 21, 2016 The University of Montana-Western 50 First Dates and Anterograde Amnesia In this film the lead character, Lucy, obtains a traumatic brain injury from a car accident, causing her to lose her short term memory and essentially become “stuck” in time. She is able to retain memory from one full day, before her system reboots and she forgets again. Lucy wakes each day thinking it is October 13th, the date right before her accident, and she performs the same routine every day. In the film her amnesia is called “Goldfield’s Syndrome” which is a made up condition. What Lucy actually had is called anterograde amnesia, a memory deficit, commonly resulting from brain injury. Individuals suffering from this amnesia have a hard time remembering new information but typically have a good…show more content…
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