Film Analysis: A Streetcar Named Desire

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DEREK is a rock star in rehab reluctant to give up his old ways. LAYLA is a therapist who once struggled with sexual addiction and drug dependence. Although Layla isn’t Derek’s therapist, they argue over his drug problem, but anger turns to lust when they make-out in a barn. Their affair is cut short when she accepts a new job in New York raising money for city rehab programs. When Derek moves to New York, Layla solicits his involvement in a benefit concert. They rekindle the passion they shared at rehab, but Layla is plagued by the demons of her past. After finding cocaine in his jacket pocket, they argue, then reconcile backstage at his concert when she finds out it isn’t his. Then, a run-in with Derek’s manager doing heroin has Layla bolting from the scene, shaken by painful memories of her youth. Derek lashes out and fires his manager, who dies later that night of an overdose. Layla hears the news and phones Derek who breaks it off with her, claiming he’s tired of the drama in their relationship. The truth is, Derek is wracked with guilt over his manager’s death and fears losing Layla in the same way.…show more content…
The friend corners her to explain Derek still loves Layla. She and Derek reunite and have sex on a grand piano. Back in New York, Layla opens her own rehab center. Derek surprises her with the gift of an old piano he salvaged from renovations at the rehab. Layla accepts a marriage proposal from Derek, knowing they are like a tuned old piano, made new again by a little

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