Film Analysis: Bang The Drum Slowly

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When I first began watching this film, my initial thought was that it was an old movie and that I might need an extra coffee to keep me awake through it. However, as the film progressed I came to realize that not only did I not need that extra coffee, but also Bang the Drum Slowly is a movie that looks deeper into what I thought would be a superficial baseball story; it made me laugh, cry, and even sad to see it end. Through aspects of death, teamwork, friendship, commitment, and perseverance, the film portrays themes that are universal and timeless.
The first scene in the film introduces the audience to Bruce Pearson, the main character, who is dying from a serious disease. The audience immediately feels sympathetic to this character, similar to the way, in our current society, a person views someone differently once they realize they are suffering from an affliction. This point it reiterated when Bruce’s teammates stop teasing him as soon as they become aware of this news. Once the teasing has stopped, the team finally starts winning games. If people treated everyone with the respect they do towards those who are dying, or have a serious disability, our society would become
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This relationship teaches the importance of friendship, one of the central themes of the film. Henry put his own career on the line to give his friend an opportunity he had always wanted. To Henry, friendship takes precedence over a career. This film attempts to portray that some things, like friendship, are more important than material things. With the pitcher/catcher bond that these two share, Bruce feels that it is his responsibility to finish out the last game, even while undergoing excruciating pain. His unfaltering stamina and commitment allowed him to win the game for his friend and himself. These two boys took risks for another and never asked for anything in
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