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Jacklyn Glavanov Ms. Chong ENG101 Friday, November 27 Page to Stage Casting Director Romeo & Juliet “Capulet’s Disgrace” William Shakespeare has created the devastating romance “Romeo & Juliet”. The classic play written in the late fifteen-hundreds is about star crossed lovers who can never be together based on their families history. Their have been several films created from this play from as early as 1908, up to the most recent in 2013. Like most films there are many characters that play a large part, except Shakespeare included the not so average characters to be very important (e.g the nurse). The film could not succeed without exquisite actors who can bring the characters to their full potential. While choosing performers for a film…show more content…
She may be slightly old to play the role of a 14 year old girl, even though she is only 40, but I feel as if she could pull it off. She looks young for her age, she couldn’t pass as 14 but I feel as if she would benefit the film in ways others could not. She hasn’t won any awards for her films prior to this one, which doesn’t allow her previous work to stand out, but she has never been given a role such as this one which could possibly bring her carrier to a whole new level. Speaking of her previous films some she has been featured in are “E.T” (1982), “Scream” (1996), and “Blended” (2014), her roles in these films were quite minor which doesn’t benefit her acting skills. Drew Barrymore plays characters who are usually both gentle and fragile which is partially how Juliet is recognized. The character of Juliet is a young girl who falls for a boy she can never be with. Juliet is perceived in many ways, she is very secretive and only shares minimal details with everyone except the nurse. At times she could be very emotional, but in others she can be very demanding. Problems will not be resolved unless it’s her way or a way she benefits from. Finally Juliet will not do something for someone other than a few people she loves (e.g Romeo and the nurse). Juliet was asking for comfort on an argument that took place earlier by reason of her not wanting to marry Prince. She was very distraught and emotional in this scene, and is asking for advice from the nurse. Prior to this argument the nurse supported Juliet’s decision on secretly marrying Romeo and not Prince, but once she saw how her parents reacted on Juliet not marrying Prince she took upon her parents side. Juliet didn’t listen to the nurse’s advice after this point since it wasn 't supporting what Juliet wanted anymore. So she went
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