Cinderella Ate My Daughter Analysis

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When walking in the girl's section at Target there is no doubt that the theme is pink. It shows the main focus is for girls to love the color and supposed to be more feminine. Walking down the aisle there is always the toys that are the baby, cleaning supply, glitter, food, and dolls. Basically letting a girl know that she should be mostly at home. A girl should never think about working with tools or Legos unless they are considered girly. The book Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein says, “... Even my kid’s school had bought into the idea that all girls should aspire to the throne--but what was really cringe-making was the fact that this was part of a Jewish temple” ( Orenstein 18) In dressup, there are princess dresses and teacups…show more content…
She didn't really have a choice from the start of the film. Jasmine was basically a prize so that the next prince would become ruler and she as queen still has no word of say even as that word had no power. As seen by Jafar the villain of the story tries to take advantage and marry the princess. Then she runs away trying to escape the reality of the problem ahead of her. Even while being saved she was quite independent and didn't really have to be saved all the time. Another problem the princesses faces is that the characters around her won’t take her seriously. For example, whenever she spoke to her father he would not listen to a word she said. Which basically shows how the culture treats them for beauty and leaves out that she has a brain at all. A girl shouldn’t wait for the prince to rescue. Just like the time she got captured and uses her sexuality to let Aladdin get to the lamp and save her and her father from the grasps of Jafar. The film just shows children that in order to be in society they need a man and no other way Why does no Disney princess movie ever show that you have friends, for example, Jasmine she is mostly all by herself in the whole film. The only friend she has is the tiger. Although there are more topics from just this film that are plan out discrimination against race as well within the…show more content…
The original Rapunzel is completely different than the one we know. It is a darker story where her parents are poor and so they give her away to a sorceress and she is locked up in a tower at the age of twelve. The reason they have to give her away is because the father stole a herd named rapunzel. Although, it is similar in a way to both the film and book since they are looking for the herb. In the story, they never mention the parents again. While the Disney version Rapunzel is stolen by a witch from her parents who are royalty and are desperately looking for their daughter. In the Grimm version there is a prince who owns the lands around and in the Disney he is a thief that is wanted. While reading the story it mentions that the prince hears her singing and instantly falls in love with her voice. While in the film there is no prince but a thief named Flynn Rider who steals the princess crown and escapes to where he finds the tower. Another difference I found is that in the book she gets pregnant and is expecting two kids. Meanwhile in the movie there is no mention or such thing. The book takes her into giving birth to two kids a girl and a boy. While the prince looks for her at the tower he climbs the hair which is a trap from the sorceress who had cut Rapunzel's hair in order to lure the prince. She lets him fall down to his death. To his luck he ends up still alive yet blind
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