Film Analysis: Cinematic Analysis Of The Godfather

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Cinematic Analysis of The Godfather Plot Summary The Godfather action plots spans around the twentieth century and takes places in the years after World War II. It centers around two protagonists, Vito Corleone and Michael Corleone. Michael is the youngest son of Vito Corleone, Don of the Mafia criminal family. When Vito was unexpectedly shot and “passes away”, Michael, a seemingly innocent ordinary American and a World War II hero was reluctant to take over his father 's throne and assume control of the Corleone family 's “business”. However he relented under inevitable circumstances which lead him into a life of organized crime for the sake of his family 's prosperity and safety. Most often, his desires indirectly affects the peace and harmony of his family life. The Themes The film delves into various sociological themes of honor and obligation, power, corruption, violence, justice and crime in America. - Euphemisms : “It’s business, not personal” This quotation seems to be an organizational-wide mantra like an official slogan to organized crime. At all, the mafiosi refers themselves as businessman to conceal their hideous and violent acts from the general people around them. They tend to use euphemisms like “family business” and “an offer he can’t refuse” while speaking among themselves. Their manipulated acts are well orchestrated so as to convince the policeman, judges and congressman that they are legitimate businessman. It also serves as a reassurance for

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