Edward Scissorhands Film Techniques

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The movie Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton, is a wonderful film. Many can see this as Burton's version of fantasy film because it gives a spunky twist to the everyday fantasy or fairytale. Burton also uses this film to cast a light on society. By showing that we are quick to judge people when they are different from us. Based on this idea, viewers believe that film is about the way Burton feels about himself and how he considers himself to be an outsider. Burton's amazing directing techniques can be seen in this film as it sets the entire mood of the film and allows him to focus the viewer in as well as keep the viewer entertained. Burton's use of emotion, sound, lighting, and other techniques contribute to the film's overall quality.…show more content…
A major angle he relies on are close ups. This camera angle can be seen when Edward is having a flashback of his inventor giving him prosthetic hands. This close up gives the viewer a sense of his true facial expressions, it can see in this shot that Edward is unsure of the hands. Another way Burton uses close ups is to show the character's flaws, an example of this can be seen when there is a close up of Edward's face while he is cutting hair. This close up allows the viewer to see all of the scars on Edward's face. This becomes important to the overall theme because it tells the viewer that it is okay to have flaws because not everyone in the world can be perfect, like the town Edward was brought to. Another angle Burton uses throughout this film is the point of view shot. This angle allows the viewer to see what is happening from that person's point of view as it shows exactly what that person is seeing, an example of this is when Edward is having dinner with the family. This shot shows the entire family eating with utensils and the only part of Edward that can be seen is his "hands". Using this kind of angle allows the reader to get a sense of how Edward must feel watching the family eat as he is struggling. Understanding the character's feeling can also be done through the music that plays in the
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