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I Stay by Gayle Forman, is about a girl, Mia, that has everything. The perfect boyfriend, a loving family and an amazing friend, kim, who she loves and cares for.The movie portrays her life and relationship with Adam as more realistic than the book because the things they go trough are more relatable to real life as a teenager, but all that came to came to an end on a sudden tragic snow day. Mia and Teddy had the day off from school along with her parents who took the day off from work to spend with their kids. As they were driving in the car on their way to their friends house they hit a snow patch. Everything changes for Mia, her mom was killed at the scene, her dad died on the table and her little brother couldn't fight for his survival anymore and later died. What is keeping her from giving up on her life? Is it the love she has for Adam? Is it Kim and the people she has left? Mia had an out of body experience she see's everyone she loves in the waiting room counting on's her choice of whether she wants to win this fight and keep trying, or give up and lose.
In the movie, it does a better job showing that Adam and Mia’s relationship is more realistic. For example, disagreements are more realistic in the movie. Adam sighed. “Things are are getting
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The differences between the book in the movie with Adam and Mia’s relationship how they act with each other, how the joke around. You don’t really see that in the book as much as you see it in the movie. “ I got stung by a bee on my palm while we were playing. Your dad grabbed my hand and sucked the venom out.” (57-58). In the movie Mia was the one that got stung by the bee and Adam was the one that took the stinger and the venom out of her hand. This is more realistic in the movie because it just seems kinda strange that Mia’s father would do that to Adam. It’s more romantic in the movie than the
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