Film Analysis: Mr. Smith Goes To Washington

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In the movie “Mr. Smith Goes To Washington” Jeff Smith has been elected for senator after one of his state’s two Senators dies. His journey to figure out the ropes of being a congressman is troublesome yet successful. He gains the mentorship of Senator Paine even though Paine isn’t as noble as his reputation would state. Senator Paine becomes involved in a plan to disgrace Smith. Committed to standing up against Paine, Smith takes the case for a boys campsite to the Senate floor. He turns into a filibuster and everyone is getting tired of him talking. Eventually he passes out from speaking for 23 hours, Paine gives up the election, and Smith wins. Smith is now figuring out the corrupt business of government. He has problems with the press spreading rumors and lies about him and is being taken advantage of. The legislative branch passes laws, approves treaties, and impeaches officials.This movie shows some examples of the legislative branch by Smith trying to pass a law about a Boys Camp. The congress doesn’t necessarily take him serious but they still have to listen. Smith really believes in this camp and will do anything to make it happen. He’s trying to make it a law and that’s an example of the legislative branch.

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