Film Analysis Of Ausa Giornata Particolare

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Una Giornata Particolare is a film directed by Ettore Scola that depicts two forgotten souls in Rome during Mussolini’s fascist regime. The entirety of the film takes place during the day that Hitler arrives in Rome to join forces with Mussolini during World War Two. Antonietta (played by Sophia Loren) is a stay at home Mother with six kids. At the beginning of the movie the film showed her waking the entire family up, making breakfast, and cleaning. After the entire family leaves to go see the parade for Mussolini and Hitler, she accidentally lets out the family bird. The bird flies out the window and lands on the windowsill of Gabriele. Gabriele (played by Marcello Mastroianni) is radio host who was fired because of his homosexuality. As the bird lands on his windowsill, he is shown at his desk debating whether to commit suicide. Now that he is a known homosexual, he will be put into exile in Sardinia. But as he is contemplating suicide, Antonietta knocks on his door to retrieve the bird on his windowsill. The arrival of Sophia Loren is seen by Gabriele as an omen or sign that he should keep on living. Upon meeting Gabriele, Antonietta doesn’t realize that he is a homosexual and tries flirting with him. This…show more content…
After we watched the movie as a group I watched parts of the film at home with subtitles. The subtitles were far more proficient in portraying the dramatic scenes of the film. Also, the dubbed version of the film was spoken in broken English by the original actors. While this maybe seen as a way to keep the dialogue consistent with the original, the actors speak in broken English, which ruins the dubbed over version. I think the film should stick to the subtitled version because although you are reading the words, you can hear the emotion in their voice more. And with the subtitles, you can see every word that is spoken between the
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