Film Analysis Of Bamboozled: A Satire

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The film that I watched for my music appreciate course by the name of Bamboozled is a satire on how the America tends to stereotype African Americans. Even though there are many comedic and humorous bits in this film, there are also very serious social undertones when it comes to the perception of black people in “white America”. One specific and important element that this film uses to portray the racial tension between white and black individuals are minstrel shows. Minstrel shows use to incorporate variety shows, but often had stereotypical and racially offensive towards black people. In a Minstrel show, Caucasians and sometimes African Americans would act out the show in black face. Spike Lee adds on many racial elements on the correlation…show more content…
Unlike Delacroix, Manray and Womack are two unsuccessful and homeless black performers that had no choice but to take on the very roles that was demeaning of their own people and to take on the identity of stereotypical black people to entertain the white audience. They are well aware of their negative depiction but have to compromise their identity for financial reasons. During the meeting of pitching this show, Manray even jumps onto the corporate offices’ table and decides to make a fool out of himself for the approval of the white boss. That scene portrayed a very important overall message of the movie and basically proves the point of how black individuals needed to ridicule themselves for the entertainment and approval for the white boss in order to prove his value in this world. It wasn’t until later on throughout the film that Manray and Womack finally realizes the huge impact they are setting for the black community as they reach the epiphany that compromising themselves by putting on a blackface was fundamentally
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