Film Analysis Of Basudev

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“Basudhev” is one of the popular movie of 1980’s released in 1985 and mostly known through its song “Yatri”. “Basudev was produced by Binod Chaudhari under Manakamana Films banner and directed by Nir Shah. The movie is based on the story of Dr. Dhruba Chandara Gautam, “Kattel Sir Ko Chotpatak”.The movie featured actors like Harihar Shrama, Shakuntala Sharma, Krishna Malla and Sharmila Shah. Sharmila and the debut actor Krishna Malla married later and Sharmila became Sharmila Malla. Other actors include Nir Shah, Shubhadra Adhikari, Chandarmala Sharma, Jitendra Mahat ‘Abhilashi’, Mukunda Shrestha, Rudra Raj Pandey, Jayandra Chand and Laya Sangraula.” (Sanjel, 2012) The movie follows the story of a teacher named Basudev Kattel who is struggling to sustain his life in Kathmandu and he look for help from his friend named Kumar (Neer Bikram Shah) but soon there friendship turns lethal. “Essentially, there is nothing that is not social as long as human act in reference to it –including inanimate, fictitious and “imaginary” things!” (Mishra, 2009). As Mishra’s statements clears the understanding of everyday life with sociological standpoints is what sociologist do. Even the “Imaginary” things has social connection to so, assuming “movie” as human creation that can help us cultivate the ability to see social understanding towards our society. Here, I am trying to find how Nepali movies portraits the social and historical contexts connected to it and try to view it with some

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