Visual Analysis Of Casablanca

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Watching the movie Casablanca in class you realize the difference between the film of the movie, how most films are directed and produced today. The movie is one of the top classic black and white films in American history. The elements of design in Casablanca, the setting is realistic during the time of 1942 and World War II. The setting shows the emotion of the people in the film during this time, with the stress of getting off the island and to America where it was safe. The people there were doing anything they could to get away since Hitler was taking over, and they knew bad was coming from it. It showed the emotion that people were having always going out to the bar to have a drink, smoke, and socialize with others to keep their mind…show more content…
The décor of the film is done perfectly with the time, having the furniture and decorations fitting the time of the movie. If the movie did not fit the décor during the time it would not make the movie feel the same way. You really see the décor in the bar lounge with how it was set up, and in their hotel suite with the curtains and couches. One of the properties I noticed was definitely the piano mans, piano that was a very important part of the movie, you saw the significance of the instrument. The elements of design look the way they do, because you need to be able to believe that the movie is actually portrayed during the time of the 1940’s. The movie is trying to convey what was happening during this time and how there was a lot of spying going on. People had to make sure they were smart about what they told people and who to trust. The elements of composition show, in the beginning scene of the movie the importance of the bar, which is where most of the movie takes place. The film is composed this way, because they want you to be able to visualize this and that they are trying to convey that the bar is where all the locals
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