Film Analysis Of Cinderella

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INTRODUCTION The movie that we have taken for this assignment is Cinderella by the director Kenneth Branagh and the Men in black 3. We were asked to take a movie and come up with a conversation dialogue between two people for 7 minutes. We wanted to take these movies as it has a 7 minutes dialogue conversation. We had 20 exchanges each for this movie. I’m Sughatharishini Raman and my friend Shammini Poobalan divided our work and came up with our analysis. I took the movie Cinderella and the part where the fairy god mother and Cinderella’s conversation as it was going on for 7 minutes. My friend took the movie Men in Black 3 and the part where Agent Jay ,Agent Kay, and Mr.Wu conversation as it was going on 7 minutes.. Based on the movie what we going to analyse is the Grice conversational maxims. There are four maxims. Firstly, maxim of quantity. Secondly, maxim of quality. Thirdly, maxim of relation. Fourthly, maxim of manner. Maxim of quantity means making contribution as informative as required. Secondly, maxim of quality means being truthful. Thirdly, maxim of relation means being relevant with the information and lastly, the maxim of manner means being polite, being clear about what is said Based on these maxims, we are going to analyse whether the maxims is flouting or followed using the exchanges. We are also doing extra reading using journals on maxims to help our analysis and assignments better. CINDERELLA BACKGROUND This movie Cinderella is an American
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