Film Analysis Of Ekstra

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"Ekstra" by Jeffrey Jeturian is a drama-comedy 2013 film, showing the life of a bit player portrayed by Vilma Santos. In an hour and fifty-one minutes, Ekstra put on view what separates on-screen and off-screen. I find this film with an original concept, certainly, this kind that adapts from real life situations is somehow cliché to me. However, Ekstra left me in awe of its captivating storyline that made me glued my eyes on the screen the whole time even though I can predict what the next scenes will be like. Indubitably, I 'm expecting an atmosphere of a worn-out environment which is the struggling life in the city, and that didn 't disappoint me since if they made the protagonist a clueless lady from a province, I would 've labeled this cliché and 'just another film I 've watched '. Although, I 've seen more realistic films, Ekstra hyped me up from the beginning because of the humor that partake in the script, talk about the typical conversations of Filipinos and their use of words. Unlike my expectation of it as a bland film, it managed to cope up exactly in the year it was produced. Normally, it will be about an average woman, swallowing her pride for the needs of her daughter and being clueless about how cruel the industry she 's in. Regarding the message of this film, that 's one more thing I find interest in, the audience can easily get the idea of the film. That it 's not just "another life of a hardworking mother and the adventure of how she gets
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