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The film maker of The Graduate Mike Nichols effectively makes use of comedy to lure viewers in, which potentially makes the movie to become a highly favoured commodity. “Films communicate information and ideas.” (Bordwell. D). Cinematography can be defined as “Manipulations of the film strip by camera in the shooting phase and by the laboratory in developing phase.” Elegant cinematography works simultaneously with the ground breaking theme and style of the film. The film deals with themes of alienation, loneliness, isolation and feeling trapped the generation gap and romance. Nichols portrays these themes effectively through using mise en scene, editing and sound which draws the viewer into the entertaining movie filled with melodrama.

In this movie the main character is Ben Bradock, who is 21 years of age. He
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Likewise, when he goes downstairs to be crammed by his parents’ friends. A progression is evident in Ben’s clothing and body language. Initially he wore a suit and tie as a conformist, however this progressed to a more laid-back attitude with Ben wearing casual clothes, shades and smoking cigarettes after affair with Mrs Robinson.

In the scene we also witness Mrs Robinson’s enticing and dominant animal-print clothing which is seductive and is thrown away after she has got hold of Ben however now is not longer a challenge as he has been marked down on Mrs Robinson’s to do list. She stops looking like a young lady and being seductive due to her daughter’s entrance reminding her of her age. Which is numerically higher that the way she acts and

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