Film Analysis Of Karm A Passage To India

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Analysis of Karma In the following assignment I will be analysing the text Karma by KUSHWANT SINGH. In my analysis I will look at Mr. Mohan´s view on the British, and how they in contrast see him. This text contains a bit of irony, and shows the difference in status between the British people and the native Indians, in the British colony of India. This text is also interesting to compare to the movie: A passage to India. The plot of the story is realistic and could very well have happened in the early 1900. The main Character is An Indian man who is very interested in the British ways and also in the British people. His Name is Mr. Mohan. Mr Mohan does things like a true gentleman would do at the time: he drinks scotch, wears a nice suit and is very attending to his moustache. He tries to be as English as possible, and I think that he would rather like to had been born British than Indian. Mr Mohan, and his wife which he describes as fat, is getting on a train in India. The odd thing is that Mr Mohan is travelling on 1st class, which was normally something only the British people in India would do. Lady Mohan is however traveling on the “zenana” which I suppose is the lowest class of them all. This shows how the brother is looking up to the British and the wife is sticking with her old habits. I don’t think that money is the issue, she just don’t like standing out and acting different from other Indian people. I think it is a bit ironic that a man that clearly cares

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