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Moana (2016)
Produced by Ron Clements, John Musker, John Hall, and Chris Williams
Moana: A great family movie that has an unforgettable hero’s journey that all ages will love. Has Disney films changed how they tell their stories for better or for worse? Let’s take a look in the past, Disney is known for their ‘happily ever after’ storylines where a princess is the main character, has a sidekick of some sort, unrealistic creatures come in to help, and an evil villain trying to destroy her life. These kinds of films tell a tale about a princess’s life. Other films have a storyline of an animal or insect saving their clan from the bad guys, such as The Lion King and The Bug’s Life. Recently, Walt Disney Animation Studios have changed the way
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This movie is Disney’s first lead of Polynesian descent. It has a great storyline that involves a strong Hawaiian teenage girl who goes on a journey. Moana has no love interest instead she is trying to figure out the answer to the question she has been asking herself her whole life, who is she meant to be. Being the daughter of the chief, Moana, she is able to fit the pieces together and learns the truth of her ancestry from her dying grandmother. She then decides to go against her father’s rule, never to go beyond the reef. Although, ever since she was a baby she has longed to be on the water. The water seemed to call her and she cannot stay away. The powerful water gives Moana a sense of hope and reassurance throughout her journey. This film contains catchy songs, clever scenes, simple humor, teamwork, and a characteristic…show more content…
This film has everything that you would see on any of the tropical Hawaiian Islands creating an aesthetic beauty. The characters in the film are very realistic to the native Hawaiian culture and also finds ways to join today’s world with theirs. The stubborn yet ambiguous Maui, played perfectly by Dwayne Johnson could not had a better actor for his part in the film. Everything felt so alive and real to the point where you felt like you were right next to them throughout their journey in the movie. The Ocean is so bright it looks better then real life water. Overall Disney did a splendid job with each character and the animation that went along with

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