Film Analysis Of Moonlight

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Moonlight, directed by Barry Jenkins, takes a look at a young black male growing up in Miami named Chiron. The movie is split into three different chapters in order to demonstrate the development and maturation process that Chiron undergoes. He faces many struggles throughout his life ranging from issues with his own sexuality to problems he has with his family. Although Chiron had a difficult upbringing, he is comforted by Juan and Teresa who help Chiron realize his true self. Throughout the film Jenkins specifically selects certain music, camera angles, scenery and structure in order to portray the difficulty and hardships faced by Chiron. Moonlight is an extremely relevant movie especially in the world we live in today where homosexuality…show more content…
As discussed above in the beginning of the film water can be seen when Juan teaches little how to swim. Here, water signifies the many struggled that lie ahead for Chiron and how he will have to decide whether he wants to sink or swim. Towards the middle of the film, Chiron meets a friend from high school by the beach, where they end up smoking a blunt. We can clearly hear the waves crashing onto the shore and can see them in the background. During this moment, Chiron has his first sexual encounter. Jenkins wants us to recognize the significance of water for Chiron. When Juan is teaching little how to swim he tells little that he will have to decide for himself who is going to be. When Chiron is at the beach with Kevin and has his first sexual experience with a male, Chiron is defining himself and is deciding who he wants to be. Water is fluid and beautiful to look at and provides a symbol for who Chiron is. Water can also be seen as a symbol of vulnerability during this film. After Kevin and Chiron have their first sexual encounter, Kevin is forced to beat up Chiron at school which leaves Chiron covered in blood and severely injured. Jenkins includes a scene where we see Chiron placing his face in a sink filled with ice water. He then lifts his head up and stares right in the mirror with blood continuing to pour down his face. This shows the state of vulnerability that Chiron is in. After being beat up by Kevin and Terrel, Chiron walks into class and hits Terrel with a chair, knocking him out. After this moment, we then see a much more muscular man submerged in a bath of ice water. We then see a much older Chiron now named black in the mirror. Here, water continues to represent who Chiron is and who he has chosen to become. We can visually see that Chiron has decided to become a drug dealer and has in fact decided to become like
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