Film Analysis Of Pride And Prejudice

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Pride and Prejudice Film Analysis
Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austin an outstanding novel and a dramatic romantic film. This film was directed by Joe Wright and was released in 2005. The overview of Pride and Prejudice was very well with nominations of Academy Awards for Best Production and more. The novel/ film is a romantic novel, Elizabeth Bennet (Keira Knightly, main character)is one out of the five Bennet sisters. All seeking for marriage. The Bennet family is a middle class family, this is a very important part of the problems, arguments, and rumors which why the Bennet’s can’t find a rich man. Until the Bingley family was moved to Netherfield this gave the oldest Miss Bennet Jane (Rosamud Pike) a chance to meet Mr. Bingley (Simon Wood). Once these twos meet they fall in love but get separated by Mr. Darcy (Mathew McFadden). Mr. Darcy splits them up and he falls in love with Miss Elizabeth. With ups and downs at the end Jane become Mrs. Bingley and Elizabeth Mrs. Darcy.
A Plot is a structure for presenting everything we see and hear in a film. In Pride and PrejudicesThe plot of the story is very well explained. The plot is a structure of exposition, rising action, climax, falling action, resolution. The exposition from this film is that the Bennet family have five daughters seeking for marriage. If they don’t get married they will lose everything once their father dies. Mrs. Bennet is obsessed for her daughter to get married. The rising action is the rise for the
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