The Long Island Lolita Film Analysis

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American beauty movie written by Alan Ball was partly inspired by 1990s scandal which took place in Long Island, New York between Amy Fisher and Joey Buttafuoco. Amy Fisher shot and wounded Mary Jo Buttafuoco, who was wife of Joey Buttafuoco; her lover. She was seventeen when this incident took place. She was later recognised as “the long island Lolita”. Sam Mendes called American beauty a film about confinement and escape from confinement. Sam Mendes used various camera techniques to convey the meaning to the audience and create all the essential element to enhance characters performance. In this film critique, an analysis will be made on the ideology, theory, acting style and other camera techniques.


This film, directed by Sam Mendes and compose by Alan Ball, was released in 1999. It won many awards, including the academy award for best picture. The film delineates the American suburbanite family in a grim and hopeless light and embarks to discuss off-restrict, exceptional topics dealing with the American dream and
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A significant number of the characters ' issues come from their inability to create or keep up a lucid character. Lester discovers satisfaction by isolating his feeling of self-esteem from his employment and his home life. He discovers that despite the fact that his manager and spouse regard him just as he 's useless, that doesn 't imply that he is. Angela trusts that her character is established completely on her sexuality. She fears being "normal" since she has mistaken commonness for physical modesty, and has mistaken physical conventionality for having no personality. Colonel Fitts butchers Lester since he has revealed his genuine self to him, and can 't bear some bit of himself - a segment that he has always endeavoured to keep concealed - has been revealed. In killing Lester, the Colonel protects a character that he can live with, yet a false
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