Sirens Film Analysis

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Unfortunately, Sirens is the first SAC student film that I truly did not like and, honestly, it was difficult to see past the plot, which, again, I really did not enjoy or understand at many points. It had a few strong aspects independent of the story, but as Weston says in Directing Actor, not even great acting can make a poor script into a truly great movie. In this case, I think that the script really was a hindrance for the actors because there appeared to causality and thus no reasoning behind the plot progression and the film lacked the emotion depth required of an effectual film. I have thought about it quite a bit and I am still unsure of what the film wanted me to take away from it.
To begin, I will address some of the things that
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As I said the causality of this film is incredibly weak. I truly did not understand why any of the characters did anything in this film. Under no circumstances would 9-1-1 have hold music, like a customer service line. Why did Charlie never attempt to revive his mother? She made the cake, before she bathed and it burned at least an hour after Charlie got there, so she couldn’t have been dead long. Why would Charlie go to the police station to get an ambulance? If he needed a physician's proof of death, why did her not call a doctor so the morgue could collect his mother? Why did Charlie not seem sad, at all? Did Charlie know the girl at the police station before she came to his mother’s house? How did she know where he was staying? WHY DID THEY HAVE SEX? I spent the whole film asking myself these questions and honestly it was…show more content…
If they are not, the film will have no meaning and it will not be enjoyable to watch. In fact, it may be the opposite. It may be infuriating, as was my experience with this film. Time management also seemed to be an issue since they did not even have credits for Lightworks. As Assistant Director, I will make sure that we stay on schedule and that this does not happen to
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