Film Analysis Of 'Slum Dog Millionaire' By Amitabh Bachan

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The scene in the movie in which Amitabh Bachan’s helicopter arrives and Salim in order to take a revenge shut the door of the rest-room from outside while Jamal is still inside. Jamal found no other way than jumping inside the pond which is the hole where all the excreted wastage gathers. He didn’t find it filthy at all and confidently made his way to meet Amitabh Bachan. Throughout the movie, especially as the movie approaches the second half the camera zooms out multiple times to show a bird’s eye view of the slum. This bird’s eye view shows the conditions of the slum life which is a mixture of disorganized roof shapes, unclean lanes, poor and dirty sewage line, narrow uncontaminated streets and huts that are closely built. There number of people residing in slums. Hence, this portrays disorientation, unsanitary, perplexity, confusion, and contamination in slums. These aspects of the slums are stereotypical in the chase scene that is continuously reminding the viewers about how slums signify filth and dirt. After Krishna consoled Sola Saal, he moves out in the streets of the slum. The scene shows the locality of the slum which is similar to that of Slum Dog Millionaire. The unclean lanes, women are washing clothes on the streets with buckets here and there, contaminated water all over the streets, shacks are closely built with washed clothes hanging in such a way that they are half on the unclean streets, water dripping from the roofs and people walking on the filthy

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