Film Analysis Of The Film 'Bonnie And Clyde'

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Film Analysis
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Film Analysis on Bonnie and Clyde
“Bonnie and Clyde” is a kind of a realistic, drama, comedy, tragic, gangster movie which was produced by Warner Bros and directed by Arthur Penn. This movie was released in 1967 and it was based on real-life events. Bonnie and Clyde were two criminals who were traveling around central United States robbing banks in hope of becoming rich and famous. Before they began being partners in a crime, Bonnie was a hot, blonde waitress who worked in a café and did not like her job because boys who came to the café usually wanted to take advantage of her. On the other hand, Clyde was a young handsome, small town thief who was robbing small stores and gas stations for a living. They both lived in hope to change their old, boring lives. They thought robbing banks will give them a fortune and publicity as they always imagined of. This movie is two hours long and the beginning of the film starts with a fast slide show of old tinted pictures of people in them. In the background, was played an old record song “Deep Night” by a singer Rudy Vallee. This song
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They started out robbing food stores and banks. Bonnie and Clyde were always meant to be together like in the modern day’s romance, a Romeo and Juliet, only those two were the bank robbers and they were killing everybody who would stand in their way. Along their way, they meet a man named C.W. Moss who was working at the gas station. Later on, they meet up with Clyde’s parolee brother and his sceptic wife Blanche who is the daughter of a preacher. Bonnie and Clyde stand out in their clothing, they were dressed perfectly as opposed to others in the film. Blanche was dressed in an unappealing, motherly way and C.W. was clueless about his style. It showed that Bonnie and Clyde had class and viewed themselves better than anyone

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