Film Analysis Of The Film Coraline By Henry Selick

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For years the film Coraline by Henry Selick has been acknowledged and treasured from numerous people, young and old alike. The piece received incredibly positive reviews based on its well told story line, originality, soundtrack and visually pleasing attributes. Although Coraline may be an unnerving film, it is an undeniable masterpiece.
The film begins as Coraline and her parents are seen moving into a dreary town. She is displeased with her new home and desires a better life. The adventurous child discovers a parallel universe through a tiny door in the living room. On the other side of this door she uncovers the world of her dreams. Another set of parents with button eyes provide her with anything she asks for. However, she soon learns that things are too good to be true. Coraline must now fight to have her real parents and life back. The story is told through thrilling visuals and beautiful resonances.
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Coraline does well in getting the story line across in a fascinating way. The film has a strong beginning that shows Coraline’s life as dull and uneventful. Through this introduction the viewers now relate to Coraline and begin to form a connection with her life. By creating a situation that is relevant, the story can maintain the attention of the audience. The narrative is told in a simple way making it easy to follow along, as it is a children’s film, yet still having the interest of older audiences. The concept to be careful of what you wish for gained new meaning through this
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