Film Analysis Of The Film: Edward Scissorhands

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As Edward Scissorhands is being driven from the mansion he catches every person’s eye and they are stunned by how he looks. He is scarred, pale and in a black, buckled up suit while everybody is as simple as the can be in their bright, pastel colored neighborhood. His Scissorhands caught everybody by surprise, and he was judged by everybody by being thought of as different without even talking to him. Throughout the course of the film Edward Scissorhands is introduced into the Briggs’s family, uses his Scissorhands as a creative talent to make new friends, while searching for his place in this unknown¬ society. He is still thought as an outcast no matter how much he tries. A universal theme developed by the film Edward Scissorhands, directed by Tim Burton, is everyone should strive to be idiosyncratic and embrace, or appreciate, the uniqueness in themselves and others: this theme is supported by the juxtaposition of Edward’s costume to the neighbor’s costume and the motif of sculptures. The Juxtaposition of the film was the contrast between Edward’s costume compared to the neighbor’s costume because the he is unique because he dresses in darker colors instead of the bright pastel colors the neighbors were. When Peg comes to the mansion in a very bright and noncomplex clothing. Edward’s face was pale and scarred, but most of all he was frightened of himself. The restraints on his black suit symbolize that he has contained within his costume because he does not look like
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