Film Analysis Of The Film Furious Seven Or Fast 7

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“No matter where you are, whether it 's a quarter mile away, or halfway across the world. You 'll always be with me, and you 'll always be my brother.” quote which is from movie Furious 7 by Dominic Toretto. The film Furious Seven or Fast 7 as it is commonly known is an action film in which a mission lies ahead of the main character to execute. The film is directed by James Wan and written by Chris Morgan. The film starts when Dominic Toretto, Brian O’Conner and the rest of the team have returned to their country; USA after accomplishing their mission of defeating Owen Shaw and his crew and being given an amnesty of their last crimes. They are now trying to live normally. The conflict is introduced early in the film when Deacard Shaw, a scoundrel member of Special Forces bend on revenging his brother exposes the whole team to danger once more. He breaks into the hospital where Owen is being held. After revealing his identity, he engaged Hobbs in a fight, detonates a bomb that injures him and escapes. He travels to Tokyo to claim the body of Han, Dom’s crew team member, who has been killed by Shaw. Fortunately, he meets Sean Boswell who is a friend to Han. Boswell gives Don personal items found in Han’s hurtle site. Shaw with his crew emerges to be a determined protagonist up to ruin Hobb-led crew. In this case, Hobb appears to be the antagonist. The actor possesses the attribute of swiftness which is an advantage to the kind of mission he is out to accomplish while the
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