Film Analysis Of The Film 'Going The Distance'

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‘’Going the Distance’’ is Yujiro Harumoto 's first feature film, who is responsible for the screenplay and the film editing. ‘’Going the Distance’’ had its world premiere on Tokyo International Film Festival’s Japanese Splash section and it’s French Premiere on Festival International des Cinemas d’Asie. This film is loosely based on the true story of the boxing trainer Shinichiro Matsuura, who also stars in the movie as Asahi.

The story, as was already mentioned, concerns Asahi (Shinichiro Matsuura), a boxing trainer at a gym, who moved to Tokyo from Goto islands and lives with his girlfriend Kaori (Yumi Endo), who is a secretary. Currently, Asahi and Kaori are preparing for their wedding, which is in six months and Kaori is hoping that her grandmother will still remember her, since she is suffering from dementia. In the meanwhile, Asahi introduces his childhood and best friend Hiroto (Masahiro Umeda) to Mr Kita (Nobu Morimoto), who presents himself as a chain restaurants owner. Hiroto becomes the fish supplier for his restaurants. Unfortunately, Hiroto gets scammed and Mr Kita disappears without paying him for four months. On top of that, Hiroto has taken a loan to buy a boat. Asahi feels responsible for what happened to his best friend and tries to help him by giving him money and by tracking down Mr Kita. This creates a problem with his fiancé, because maybe he will have to postpone the wedding. Asahi is torn between his childhood friend and his future wife.

At first,

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