Film Analysis Of The Lorax: Thneedville

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In the movie The Lorax, the environments in Thneedville and outside have a big impact on the people. Once a place filled with fresh air, clean water and trees is now a place of despair for the environment. After one man invents a product that ultimately results in destroying the environment around him, the people are forced to buy clean air. When Ted, a love struck boy, hears that the girl of his dreams, Audrey, would do anything to have a tree, he begins his search for some information on what happened to them all. The only person who can tell him is the Once-ler, the man who cut down every tree, and gives him the last seed to plant. In the end, Thneedville becomes enriched with animals, fresh hair and thousands of trees due to the unstoppable will of a little boy.…show more content…
He would do anything for his environment and for the trees to be safe. The Lorax tries to send the Once-Ler’s bed down a stream so he would not return to the area. The Lorax makes a promise with the Once-ler to never chop a tree down but instead harvest the tusks of the tree. When demand grew high for his product, his family convinced him to start cutting down the trees. The Lorax asks the Once-ler which way does a tree fall, he responds with down. The Lorax tells him it falls the way it leans and to be careful which way it leans. I would be sad if Knight’s Park in Collingswood is destroyed. I love to go on nature walks there and listen to the birds. I can plant more trees and get people to help clean the trash
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