Film Analysis Of The Movie: Amadeus

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Amadeus begins with an attempted suicide by composer Antonio Salieri, who has been overcome with guilt about supposedly killing Mozart. His life is saved by his aides as they find him in the room covered in blood; and he is sent to what looks like some kind of a mental hospital, where a priest Father Volger is sent to council him and listen to his guilt. He recounts his tale of music, passion, and jealousy, introducing one of the defining elements of their upbringing. Mozart, although he does not look or acts like a hero, is undisputedly a hero. In the beginning of the movie, he is portrayed as an extremely vile creature with great musical talent. As the movie progresses, Mozart transforms and his personality grows to fit his great musical…show more content…
For the noble’s of course living conditions are fine, where there is constant overindulgence and pleasure. They dress wildly out of the box, colorful, and also thick and layered. The primary source of entertainment shown in the movie is music, seemingly more operas than anything else. Most likely due to the fact that Operas were the main source of most of the entertainment at the time, they were a play set to a score of music. The main character of the biopic is Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, played by Tom Hulce. In the movie Mozart is portrayed as a very immature, childish adult; yet unbelievably creative and talented ever since a young child. Towards the end of the movie he becomes more psychotic that immature; constantly drinking and rambling about things that make no sense. He has pretty much lost all sense of sanity and his health by the time of his death. Antonio Salieri has a very major role in Amadeus, because the whole story is told through his eyes. The character is played by F. Murray Abraham, which he is an extremely vindictive character because throughout the whole movie he is trying to sabotage
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