Film Analysis Of The Movie 'Dr. Bennet Omalu'

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In this breathtaking film, a pathologist Dr. Bennet Omalu who was played by Will Smith does an autopsy of a famous football player, Mike Webster. As he does the autopsy he finds a brain disorder called CTE. He is determined to let people know that whatever that happened to Mike Webster was about football. He wants people to learn all about the faults about playing football. All the blows to the head affect the brain in many ways that it can cause some mild brain damage. Dr. Bennet Omalu is motivated to know more about football and the blows to the head that the players get. During the film, Dr. Bennet Omalu tries everything to get people’s attention, but it only worsens to the point that people try to threaten him. He starts to give up and says how he shouldn’t have been the person to find out about the brain issue. Some other football players already start committing suicide just as the years go by. He gets a call talking about his work but only to know that it was a trap. He does have people hear him out about what they think about his work.
During the movie, the plot was very good because they did a good job in showing about the main character wanting to know more about what happened to the football players. The music was very good with this one scene in the movie that Dr. Bennet Omalu seemed to be examining all the attacks of the football players that they gave one another. The music made it seem really interesting and suspicious about what the doctor was now realizing

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