Pros And Cons Of Interracial Adoption

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When it comes to adoption to me I believe it can either be a sad situation or a good outcome for the child, but to me having to see a child leave their parent is heartbreaking but if it is what is best for everyone than in that type of situation it is better to give the child up. Personally I do not know anyone who has done an interracial adoption but, was never against them. For me I think it would be very hard to go back and see someone you have not seen since you were given up for adoption and do not know if I could actually have the courage to do it. I think when it comes to interracial adoption you can look at it many different ways and come up with many different pros and cons when thinking about it. One negative for sure could be that you may never know your actual cultures ways and values for sure if your adopted parents are not willing to practice or even talk about where you may of came from, but in that situation it could also make the adoption a little easier on the child and also the parents who adopt the child because it could make the process go a little smoother and have the child get to know their new family more and their way of doing things. In…show more content…
This film showed a great example of categorizing when it came to trying to find the right people who signaled for Pearl Harbor. The way they went about it I do not believe was right. Nobody should just be accused or removed from somewhere due to what they look like or their ethnicity. This film also was very eye opening, seeing the amount of people to lose their jobs just because they may of been Japanese American which is terrible thinking about how many families suffered during that time when they lost property and even homes. There is a huge difference between having suspects and evidence that lead you up to who you are needing to find, but just taking anyone that looks like a Japanese American person is too excessive in my
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