Analysis Of The Movie Jaws

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The movie “Jaws” was an adaptation of the novel by Peter Benchley which tells a story of a time when sharks had unfortunately developed an appetite for humans. It was directed by Steven Spielberg and had been widely acclaimed by film critics and moviegoers, and was considered as a modern blockbuster. In terms of the technical aspects of the movie, it had a comprehensive plot and narrative. Spielberg tailored the story in a way that no significant events from the novel were left out. In the same light, the dramatic structure of the film was clear and unambiguous. To put it differently, the audience could distinctly identify the exposition, rising action, climax, falling action and dénouement of the movie. For instance, just before the climax,…show more content…
Likewise, the film left its audience mind-blown by its exceptional choreography and mastery of various creative special effects that made the experience unique and realistic. The movie creators utilized well these effects to efficiently evoke the element of thrill and surprise to its audience. To demonstrate, the last scene of the movie displayed a lifelike depiction of a shark that had gone rogue and had started to include humans in its diet. The shark viciously attacked the humans and Quint was slaughtered in the process. As a result, the other humans had been left cowering in fear and were frightened of the dark possibility that awaits them. In the same light, the selective use of omniscient narrator in this film added to thrill and excitement. The movie makers were also quite efficient at bringing the scenarios at the most appropriate time that enabled the experience of its audience a memorable…show more content…
It is true that sharks are one of the animal kingdom’s most vicious predators; however, it is important to note that humans were not naturally included to the sharks’ list of preys. Encounters between sharks and humans only became disastrous when the latter had trespassed and disturbed its domain so as a result, the sharks perceive humans as a threat to them or to their pups if they are nursing. In some ways, “Jaws” provided justification for humans to slaughter sharks, henceforth; it had received some negative reviews from other spectators and critics. Unfortunately, the number of sharks in the wild is decreasing globally. The movie had encouraged resorts owner near the beaches to show the brutality of the shark instead of imposing the advocacies that would protect these sea creatures such as limiting the passage of people where sharks were known to thrive. There is no doubt that accidents involving sharks and humans happen because the latter would not let the former to live in peace.
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