Film Analysis Of The Movie 'Miracle Of Bern'

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DAS WUNDER VON BERN (WEST GERMANY) 1) This movie is about the miracle of Bern is the name came from Bern where the final game World Cup in 1954. It was the unexpected miracle team football Germany where they won the World Cup against Hungary in 1954 for the first time. This film also shows the conflict of the family where Richard the former soldier who had return back from Russian. In this film, Richard Lubanski is the father of three children was come back to Germany after World War II. Everything had change and looked strange to him. Besides, there are another family which is Ackermann family, a reporter and his wife Annette reporting about the tournament. It was the first time for Germany won the World Cup and it changed the mind of the other people about Germany. 2) Lubanski family live happily where Christa grew and take care of them before Richard return back. Richard’s wife Christa, his children have reached a minimum standard of living without him. His wife is running a small business and take place to take care of their children. It is been eleven years Richard in Russia and they were used to living without Richard beside. However, after Richard come back all things change. Richard tried to be the role of the family where Bruno had been take place for a long time but all look strange for them. Richard want his children obey to him and listen what they need to do. The trauma that had been through by Richard caused him had conflict with his family. His elder son
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