Film Analysis Of The Movie Saving Mr. Banks

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The movie saving Mr. Banks is about how Walt Disney and his employees, Travers Robert Goff, Richard Sherman and Robert Sherman works as a team to produce a show based on a book entitled “Marry Poppins” written by P.L Travers. This is more to a Biography featured film featuring P.L Travers story. In Travers' story, Saving Mr. Banks speak about the author's fortnight meetings during 1961 in Los Angeles, and was persuaded by Walt Disney in his attempts to obtain the screen rights to her novel. Disney did produce Mary Poppins after all. It was not an easy job after all the ups and down they have been through. But Saving Mr. Banks shown that Disney's beloved Mary Poppins might not have been so deep without having Travers' heavy hand in its creation.But sometimes, great work always comes with great effort and there goes a saying, no pain no gain.…show more content…
She assesses everything in detailed. For example, the drawing of house, the way Marry Poppins dress, the song play in the show, rejection in cartoon characters (she wants it to be real), red background color and others thus making the producers hard to collaborate with Travers while producing the show. The reason for her prickliness throughout the beginning of the movie production is because Travers was inspired to direct the Mary Poppins movie using her real experiences throughout her life. She is unhappy of the fact that Walt Disney Productions has the tendency to animate her works considering the fact that she wants real life graphics to portray her

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