Film Analysis Of The Movie The Black Panther

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Recently, our 8th grade team went to go see the movie “The Black Panther”. It was an amazing movie! You may be asking though, how does it deal with anything that you learn about in E.L.A. Well it does, The Black Panther draws on themes, pattern of events, and character types from myths and traditional stories. It also deals with the Hero and his journey, which is an important element of E.L.A that we learned before watching the movie.

The movie “The Black Panther” seems like just like another entry in an endless parade of superhero movies is actually something much bigger. The movie has only been out for a month, and its cultural footprint is already enormous. The movie is about what is means to be African American in both America and Africa and, more broadly, the world. Rather than dodging the complicated themes about race and identity, the film grapples heads on with the issues affecting modern day African American lives. Ryan Coogler, the movie director, even says that this movie tackles another important genre: “Superhero films that deal with issues of being of African decent”. Another major theme of The Black Panther is challenging the power that be. Black Panther is the leader of the fictional country of Wakanda, and many people want him out of power. So, rebel forces like like M’Baku and Erik Killmonger try tried to get rid of him. Overall, from the movie you can draw many themes, also the themes can also come from the pattern of events that took place in the movie.

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