The Gladiator Movie Analysis

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My overall impressions for Noah were positive except for some minor downsides. Nevertheless it was an ok film. The director of Noah is Darren Aronofsky, who I have never heard of or seen any of his films. He has been acclaimed for his surreal, films, which Noah exactly was. However, I found Aronofsky’s technique rather dull and unengaging. For one my eyes were about to close while I was watching this movie due to all the dark colors and lack of “pizzazz,” especially when you consider when you were little you read books about Noah’s Ark where happy animals were getting on the ark with a rainbow in the background, not this time. The lead actors in this movie for the most part were Emma Watson and Russell Crowe which are the probably the only two actors I was familiar with, Russell being in The Gladiator. Noah’s plot is quite straightforward as it is called Noah. Originating from the text Genesis the director researched ways of making Noah more interesting, he went wondered what righteous meant for Noah, “We came upon this idea that "righteous" is a perfect balance of justice and mercy,” said Aronofsky during an interview with CT. There are many scenarios in Noah, but it didn’t feel like a movie it felt like the movie kept dragging on and on just waiting for the next scene to appear. One surprising thing…show more content…
And though it may not be accurate as the biblical text of Genesis, but who wants to see how Noah built his ark exactly as it states in Genesis, it's a blockbuster after all; might as well watch a corny documentary of Noah’s Ark on the History channel. This change isn't necessarily a bad thing, it's not like it's gonna change a Christian's view on Genesis, It's just for fun. Nevertheless Noah is the type of modern blockbuster that is expected to have some historical inaccuracies, but I still enjoyed Noah and what it had to
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