Film Analysis Of The Movie 'The Legion'

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The Legion
An average movie but scores a lot on its ORIGINALITY!
The Legion is story about Michael- the only archangel who ignored the order of God to destroy humanity. As the movie points out, God has used a flood to wipe out mankind last time. Now the execution is to be carried out by the archangels. Everybody was expected to follow the order except Michael who still has faith and affection with mankind. Michael disobeyed the order and comes to earth to protect the last hope of humanity- a child.
The film’s setting for me was good but can be improve. I’ve watched the movie “The Book of Eli” first and the movie sets a very high standard in terms of cinematography and plot. The main location of the story was staged on the centre of the dessert- a temporary shelter for lost and exhausted travellers who once in a while struggled on their respective journey. The beginning of the movie was stimulating especially when Michael came down from the heaven to seek for the child who is yet to be born.
Movie Plot and Characters
I appreciate the originality of the movie plot and for me has a good potentials in the Hollywood industry especially films that embark upon Christianity. Basically, the movie was sourced from the bible but its twist and
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Based on the scripts God is so sick of humanity and decides to exterminate it accordingly but instead of doing it in a blink of an eye he decided to send a flock of angels to do the job. I believe that God can never be wrong because he is perfect but in the movie, God is wrong, that is why rebellion is needed thru Michael- the rebellious archangel with intention of saving the mankind at the expense of dishonouring God’s order. In the end, Michael is redeemed by God in spite of his rebellion because according to him he gives him what he needed and not what he asked for on the latter part of conversation with

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