The Purge Movie Analysis

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Film Analysis Paper The concept of social control is the regulations of a group or individuals actions. An example of social control would be laws. Laws are governmental social control. When there is a lack of social control many things can happen. The movie “The Purge” is a great example of how society acts when there is a lack of social control. In the early years of 2020, the new founding fathers of America established one night or twelve hours to be exact, that allows all crime to be legal. There was only two exceptions to this rule is that government officials higher than a class 10 could not be executed and the use of firearms above a class 4 could not be used. During this time all emergency services are also suspended. Crimes that could be committed during the duration of this time could be robbery, burglary,…show more content…
An example of this would be a few of the theories of law and justice discussed in class. One theory that would fit this movie would be Legal Positivism. Legal Positivism states that laws should be obeyed at all times and failure to follow will result in punishment or disability. In the movie, the purge itself causes a decrease in crime rate. Criminal acts will be punished for because they are not intended to happen throughout the year, just only on the day of the purge. Also going against the two rules the government had put in place would result in punishment as well. Sociological jurisprudence is also another theory that relates to the movie. Sociological jurisprudence states that laws should be evaluated by the best results it achieves. In the movie although not everyone agreed with the idea of the purge, it still took place. This is because of the benefits that come out of it. Since the start of the purge, the crime rate and employment rate had gone down drastically which made the purge look like it solved societal
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