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The film Mustang directed and co-written by Deniz Gamze Ergüven is a piece of art. It was nominated for Oscars in its Best Foreign Film category and received nine nominations for César Awards which is France’s highest Film Award. This movie is not just beautiful to watch but at the same time, it is enraging, feisty, sharp and poetic. It is a beautiful coming of age movie and shows the bond of sisterhood very closely almost realistically, faced by separation, suffocating traditions and loss.
It depicts story of five sisters who live in a coastal town
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She was checked to be a virgin however the poor deluded soul humiliated by her experience and dehumanised by her only requirement in the marriage couldn’t even feel sorry for her and in a rebellious dream tells the doctor that she was a prostitute. This very scene in itself is so sad and thought provoking that it is too much to handle. Absence of bleeding on first night was taken to be a character certificate and the beginning of the married life devoid of any love or sentiments was plain object oriented and yet such traditions are to be loved and…show more content…
The movie hits hardly on family system and challenges its legitimacy. The movie shows hope of a little girl and her courage to get past all that is wrong and shows how pressure from conventions can push people out of their limit to the point of taking rash decisions . It shows little acts of rebellion and little acts of surrender but till the very end it does not lose the sweet, charming and captivating connection the characters build with the viewers.
This movie is a must watch and as a piece of applied literature should be viewed with an understanding of the unsaid. The narrator is the youngest sister who sees it all coming and watches her elder sisters leave one by one. She is the wild child and questions everything and from the perspective of a child delivers the brute truth to which our society has come to. She sees from her prison like home, the only ways of freedom are death or marriage and choses otherwise and in her act of rebellion gives hope to the

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