Film Analysis Of The Undertaker Wrestlemania 27 Entrance

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The Undertaker WrestleMania 27 Entrance In the WWE 's WrestleMania film extract The Undertaker psychologically confronts his opponents by unveiling his menacing presence through a series of intricately woven film techniques. There were four especially impactful techniques that conveyed this ominous feeling – Sound effects, special effects, low-angle long shot and lighting. The director uses the special effect of fog during the opening sequence to convey the mysterious feeling the Undertaker brings. Fog symbolizes uncertainty and emphasizes the idea of the unknown, looming danger which the director uses to its fullest by having the mist creepily invade the arena to give the viewer the impression of a dark and enigmatic force that shrouds the bringer of death, The Undertaker has returned from the grave to exact demonic punishment by reaping his opponent 's soul and carrying it to the Underworld. This is done to show the audience the underlying theme of mystique which leaves the viewer curious and intrigued with a tinge of fear. The time has come. The director employs lighting such as the midnight blue to show something sinister and of dark origin lurking in the shadows, hiding in the unnatural gloom. The dark blue lighting has a chilling effect as it is a cold colour. This of course contrasts with the white hot heat of the moment. Also of significance is the lack of variance in colour as he walks to the stage. The different shades of blue and grey have an

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