Film Analysis Of Thomas Vinterberg's The Hunt

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A group of men betting on jumping into a lake, a private discussion with a best friend, and a get together for drinks in a basement are scenes which revealed the friendliness and respect the townspeople had for Lucas, whom was played by Mads Mikkelson. He was just an ordinary man – a caring kindergarten teacher who recently got divorced, and who was also seeking custody of his son, Marcus. Thomas Vinterberg’s The Hunt follows a rural and close-knit Danish community, who are thrown into a collective hysteria when Lucas’ student, Klara, accuses him of sexually abusing her. The community then punishes Lucas by condemning him, while he fights hard for his innocence. Through its narratives and discourse, the film acts as a vehicle that interpellates its audience into a world of fiction where they align with its ideologies (Persson n.d., 145). The spectator is then drawn from the theatre seat into the…show more content…
Instead of focusing on preparation and repetitive structures, Dogme rejects the conventional approach of filmmaking (Britt 2013, 292). Filmmakers of this group are in a way liberated from the formalisms such as aesthetic considerations, and are able to break away from the habitual rules in cinema. Albeit the fact that The Hunt turns away from Dogme, its values still seep through Vinterberg’s style in film. The hand-held camera shooting, natural lighting, and little non-diegetic sound intrusions, allowed the everyday hum of nature and movement to fill the silence. Even when music was allowed, it was kept to a minimum, keeping the purity of the real. Most shots were not stylistic, maintaining the scenes at eye level, so as to champion the first person view and voyeuristic perspective for the audiences. The shots tend to linger on the characters, giving a sort of truth to their roles. These details feature the haunting realness of factual events that have and could happen in actual

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